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Introduction to the River Trip

During this 45-minute videoconference, we will demonstrate the Growth Management River Trip℠ approach to strategic planning, using your own organization’s examples of issues which might trigger a planning process.  We can also discuss timing, pricing of our services, who should be on the Core Planning Team, and our service model (which can be viewed HERE). After this call, you can decide whether and when to get started.


Guided River Trip Strategic Planning

Using a fun river-rafting metaphor, with all your key players gathered together (in person or virtual) and with your critical issues on the table, you’ll work as a team to develop or update a strategic plan. It will be strategically solid, even if you’ve never stopped to do a strategic plan before. It will reflect your Board’s input, your stakeholders’ needs and motivations, your current operational priorities and your best opportunities for growing the reach of your not for profit organization.

Your plan will be concrete, action-oriented, and signed off by every member of the management team. 

And it will get implemented.

  • The River Trip℠ is easily customized for your unique not for profit organization’s funding sources, competitive environment and geographic scope of operations to better meet the needs of those you serve.

  • The Growth Management Plan which you develop will have the forward-looking scope of a strategic plan, along with near-term objectives which lead directly into operating plans and budgets.


Implementation Support

This service continues the Follow Through phase of planning as implementation proceeds.  Our role is to guide implementation teams as they develop or update action plans and make decisions about human, financial and technology resource requirements. We can also guide periodic progress reviews and plan updates.


Videoconference Workshops

River Trip Graphic Recording Workshop. This one-hour videoconference is a brief training for a client’s planning coordinator, presenting methodologies for creating functional and readable stickies using tools for both digital and in-person meetings. This support is essential during the Preparation Phase, just prior to the CONCLUDE planning meeting.

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River Trip Guide School. This “how to” workshop prepares consultants, board members or staff who want to lead a River Trip planning process for their not for profit organization. Three three-hour online meetings parallel the three phases of planning: preparation, the primary planning meeting and follow through. Participants may attend on three consecutive days, or may take the second and third parts during another workshop series scheduled a month or two in advance. Some restrictions apply.

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Process Maps and Supplies

Growth Management River Trip℠ Participant Kits include everything needed to lead a great customer-centered strategic planning process:

  • An orientation, plus five 11” x 17” process maps and graphic worksheets for each participant. They include easy-to-follow instructions which work perfectly for any industry or business. Key questions are outlined for participants to address.

  • Wall-sized graphic templates (for in-person meetings) make consensus easier for the tough decisions being discussed. The same graphic backgrounds are available for virtual meetings.

  • Stickies, markers, pens and a process guide to graphic recording methodologies.


Client Benefits

Consensus on Strategy: Not for profit organizations have to look two very different directions when they tackle strategic planning: to their potential funding sources and to the evolving needs of those who benefit from their good work. Strategic planning can link these decisions together, and will bring the management team into consensus on timing for those opportunities most ripe for investment and growth.  This balancing act is typically handled during the budgeting process, but a strategic planning process opens up that discussion to the entire management team.

More than any other benefit, our clients point out that strategic planning discussions which we lead result in more open communication within the management team, a common understanding of relative priorities and a solid framework for communicating those priorities to the many stakeholders who are counting on the organization’s success.

Implementation on Time: As the strategic planning process evolves into implementation planning, others in the organization become involved. This deepens their understanding of the strategic direction, leverages resources that already exist in the organization and radically improves the chances of timely implementation of new programs into operations or into the not for profit marketplace.

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