Restarting Your Revenue Flow℠

A Virtual Workshop for Privately-Held Businesses of All Sizes

Join a small group of privately-held business owners and managers for a confidential 90-minute Zoom call.  As we introduce five imperatives for restarting a revenue flow following the pandemic downturn, participants may volunteer to offer relevant examples from their business or from other businesses they have observed.  Privately-held businesses are experiencing a revenue disaster.  Many have “pivoted” to offer products or services online. But that alone is not enough to restart a confident flow of revenue, either short term or over the months and years ahead.  Using lessons learned from the 2008 recession, volunteering in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and working in Lower Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy, we have updated our strategic planning model to focus on short term strategies for survival and generating customer revenue.  We’d like to share our findings with you, and recommend a different approach to planning and budgeting than the annual ritual that most businesses have adopted.


The workshop fee is $380*, payable by credit card before the workshop. We’ve settled on this affordable pricing to avoid any financial hurdles for participation, because the need for restarting revenue is so critical now. Only one connection is allowed for each participating business. If others are in the room during the call, please select one spokesperson.

Follow Up

Toward the end of the call, we’ll present a 60-second “commercial” for the Growth Management River Trip℠ our strategic planning service, showing how we lead a full management team through a revenue-restart workshop session in-person or on Zoom.

Following the workshop, we’ll send you notes from the conversation and a copy of our tips for leading effective videoconference meetings and avoiding some of the common pitfalls. We’ll also ask that you consider referring several other business owners or managers to one of these workshops if you found value in the session.

* For each workshop participant, we’ll make a donation to California Poets in the Schools, a not-for-profit group providing online resources for teachers and families. These enable elementary and middle-school students to express their emotions in a positive way as shelter-in-place restrictions and home schooling create family tensions and frustrations for children. Use this URL to access the resources for your family:


Learning to Lead Strategic Planning for Independent Consultants and Graphic Facilitators

Growth Management River Trip℠ Virtual Workshop

Adding value and a career path to your portfolio of services.

If you’re a graphic facilitator or an independent consultant who wants to add strategic planning to your portfolio of services, this workshop will build on your current skills to develop a career path for leading Growth Management River Trip℠ processes with your clients.

Using a fun river-rafting metaphor, you’ll work as a team with other consultants during a facilitated Zoom meeting over two days to develop or update a growth plan for your independent consulting practice.

Positioning your practice for the consulting market involves tradeoff decisions about communicating what services you offer, to whom, and how you work. You'll make these decisions, define a trial service, focus onto the most promising members of your professional network and how to expand that network.

Your plan will be concrete and ready to implement, with resource needs identified. It will have the forward-looking scope of a strategic plan, built on the success of your current services.

Follow up support, shadow consulting and certification are available to insure your success as you transition into closer relationships with senior management teams:

  • Strategic planning privately-held businesses brings focus onto promising customer markets and segments, evolves product and service offerings and addresses the economics of competing profitably while investing in growth. As you develop your skills guiding management teams on a Growth Management River Trip℠, it can also offer an opportunity to understand what other consulting assistance you can propose when their plans are being implemented.

  • When you lead strategic planning at a not-for-profit organization, you’ll likely onto two constituent groups: those who fund the organization and those who receive its services. Guiding organizations in this important sector of our economy can also provide introductions to volunteer board members who hold leadership positions in local businesses.

Please call us to discuss your career aspirations and how strategic planning can add value to your current client services or expand the market you serve. We can also provide information about the Growth Management River Trip℠ consultant certification program and upcoming workshop dates.

                        Consensus on strategy  •  Implementation on time