A 2.5 hour online workshop for privately held businesses, followed by 1 hour optional Q&A

Getting the right start to business planning can make the journey from strategy to action much more efficient and effective. You will experience the first of five critical strategic-planning processes designed specifically for privately held businesses. Participants may volunteer to offer relevant examples from their work or from other businesses they have observed in their industry.

You will also be introduced to The Growth Management River Trip℠, a customer-centered approach to strategic planning, simplified. It can be used for you to lead the other four planning and implementation processes following this workshop.

Restart Growth Workshop

Workshop fee $495.00  Next Workshop date: April 6 2021. 8:30am to 11:00am PST, followed by Q&A


If it’s time for your business to accelerate out of the pandemic malaise or develop opportunities for the emerging economy, you’ll get the planning started during this workshop. Join a small group of business owners and managers from privately held businesses of all sizes to identify your business issues which merit the time investment strategic planning requires.

This workshop is for you if…..

  • The pandemic has triggered much shorter-term planning and the need to update business plans and forecasts more frequently.

  • Your revenues spiked and you’re figuring out how to sustain that pace.

  • Revenues have taken a hit during the pandemic, and it’s time to restart marketing and sales in a new way.

  • Your business has been able to successfully pivot toward the new economic realities, but now you’re ready to look beyond today’s interim solutions.

  • Customers are asking for new ways to access your products and services, but there is not yet consensus on how to respond.

  • Growth planning is part of your job, but you haven’t yet found a practical process that’s right for your size business or your industry.

Participant Objectives

  • Identify critical issues in the participant’s business that planning should address this year. These will trigger a planning update following the workshop. (It is not necessary to share your issues with other participants.)

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how changing customer needs should influence early stages of strategic business planning.

  • Introduce a videoconference-based visual methodology for strategic business planning that has been proven in more than 40 industries.

  • Learn how to move strategic planning to the next phases once planning issues have been identified.


  • Your workshop guides are Rob Eskridge and Ryan Stock, long-tenured Grove Partners who have led planning workshops for hundreds of management teams, including The Grove Consultants International. See their client list here:

  • The workshop methodology you experience via Zoom can be replicated during in-person, virtual or hybrid planning meetings.

  • Interaction with other participants will develop a broader context for deciding how to focus your own planning process.

  • Follow-up for the other four critical planning processes is available in published form, or it can be consultant-led by experienced facilitators in The Grove Partners network.

BONUS: The Q&A session at the end is available to address specific applications of the River Trip processes to your business.

What This Course is Like

  • An intimate online setting with a limit of 12 participants.

  • One facilitator and one graphic recorder will lead the workshop.

  • A visual participant kit will be sent via priority mail ahead of time.

  • Following introductions and a process overview, most of the time will be spent in dialogue about examples of external and internal factors that trigger strategic issues, and what planning information is relevant to address them quickly.

While the group will be working with an online Mural example, each participant will be working with a paper template at their desk to capture any confidential issues for their own business.

Of Special Note

  • Only one participant per organization. No direct competitors will be accepted, so first-come, first-served. If there are potential competitive conflicts, we will reach out to those previously registered to accept or reject participation with a potential competitor.

  • Technology requirement: Desktop or laptop to access Zoom meetings for videoconferencing. Download the app beforehand.




"Rob Eskridge, my long-time friend and colleague, will be offering a workshop to introduce a new visual-planning system, The Growth Management River Trip℠.  I learned strategy from Rob and am thrilled he is offering his new workshop in collaboration with The Grove. He has a passion for values-oriented companies that are privately owned, whose leaders are closely involved with their teams and managers. If you want an accessible, clear, and very effective experience in clarifying your business priorities, then this is the workshop for you.”

David Sibbet