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Tools for Process Leadership

PARTICIPANT KITS include an orientation folder and five process maps, one for each of the five core strategic planning processes. The process maps address the purpose and context for that planning process, sequenced preparation instructions or a meeting agenda, and a visual decision framework. Small stickies and a marker pen are also included. Each planning team member should have their own participant kit available for preparation and note-taking during meetings.


Participant kits are priced at $60 each. A 20% discount is offered to those who have completed the “Learning to Lead Strategic Planning” workshop.


8’ x 4’ WALL-SIZED DECISION FRAMEWORK TEMPLATES for each of the five core processes can be ordered individually for use during in-person meetings. $100 each plus UPS shipping.


10” x 5” STICKY NOTES for use on wall-sized templates, 50 per pad. Two green and two blue. Pads included with each order.


Additional small stickies (Post-It 1-3/8” x 1-7/8”) and markers (Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens, 0.7mm medium point black) can be purchased from your office supply store or online.


Sales tax and Priority Mail shipping charges are added to each order. Please email your requirements and the USPS address to  Please allow two weeks lead time on all domestic orders.  We will provide tracking information.

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