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This diagram outlines the three phases of a River Trip℠ client experience, including five core visual processes to develop and implement strategic plans.

Every day brings more business uncertainty ~ about the economy, the labor force, a natural gas shortage, the pandemic, working remotely, the supply chain, gas prices, inflation...

It’s now more important than ever before to have a strategic plan that addresses uncertainty head on. It should identify what will not be changing, like core values, short term and longer range objectives, and a realistic sequence for implementing new initiatives.

If you lead or govern a management team:

  • For a privately held business, or

  • A not for profit organization, or

  • In the healthcare sector;

You’re invited to a Zoom demonstration introducing our visual strategic planning system,

The Growth Management River Trip℠

Customer-centered strategic business planning. Simplified.

During the no-obligation demonstration, you’ll experience:

  • Why a whitewater rafting metaphor is perfect for guiding customer-centered strategic planning.

  • How to host a comprehensive planning retreat by videoconference, to get your entire team “paddling” in the same business direction.

  • Five core planning processes, each one with a decision framework and clear instructions for planning tasks and next steps.

  • How to use visual diagrams and stickies to document your decisions and action plans.

  • Two simple but powerful tools to monitor accountability for business results.

At the end of the demonstration, we’ll share with you the most meaningful client testimonial we’ve ever received about the power of this strategic planning process.

Call us at 800-AGENDAS or click here to schedule a private Zoom demonstration.

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Research-Based Processes

The River Trip℠ is our latest update of the Growth Management Process™, which we originally developed in the early 1980’s. It was based on proprietary research to determine what strategic planning processes were actually used by growing businesses because they worked, not because they were developed by academics or sold by consulting firms.

A Deregulating Economy

When the US economy was deregulating in the late 1980’s, we made it more customer-centric for management teams who never had to compete for customers before.

Global Business

Mushrooming global trade in the 1990’s triggered more focus onto supply chains and international markets.

The Internet

As software and the internet developed at the turn of the century, we needed technology roadmaps and learned to include social media in the marketing mix.

Market Segmentation​

During the following decade, industry concentration and segmentation of markets influenced our planning process designs.

A Global Pandemic

This latest process update is a visual, high-involvement, more agile approach for today’s uncertain business environment. With the coronavirus affecting all businesses, we’ve re-focused clients’ planning time frame to extend from immediate operational and strategic issues, out into the post-pandemic future.

A Proven Planning Approach

Over the years, we have supported hundreds of management teams using the Growth Management Process,™ across more than 40 industries and 15 countries. Welcome to strategic planning for today’s revenue-restart business situation.