We guide management teams of privately held businesses and not for profit organizations to develop, update and implement plans for growth.

Our experience spans 40+ industries, in all sectors of the economy, supporting hundreds of management teams globally.

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Strategic planning for a growing organization is similar to a whitewater rafting trip: Preparation is essential. Paddlers learn or practice skills they don’t use every day. It takes a team effort to be successful. And it’s always exciting, usually with an element of the unexpected.


Like a river trip, guides can make the trip seamless and more enjoyable. That's our role, facilitating collaborative meetings by videoconference and guiding the team to use visual decision frameworks along the way. More information on consulting services.


River Trip Guide School. Our “how to” workshops prepare management team members, board members or consultants to lead a River Trip planning process for their business or not for profit organization. More information on workshops.

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Our videos offer great stories from our planning adventures, strategy examples and planning process tips. Enjoy!