We’re strategic planning guides (virtual or in-person) for:

  • Management teams of privately-held businesses.

  • Founders of funded start-ups

  • Leaders and boards of not-for-profit organizations.

  • Independent consultants who want to master strategic planning​


Strategic planning for a growing business is similar to a whitewater rafting trip: Preparation is essential. Paddlers learn or practice skills they don’t use every day. It takes a team effort to be successful. And it’s always exciting, usually with an element of the unexpected.


Like a river trip, guides can make the trip seamless and more enjoyable. That's our role, facilitating collaborative meetings and guiding the team to use visual decision frameworks along the way.



The Growth Management River Trip℠

A simple, five-step, easy-to-follow visual strategic planning system.

The river rafting metaphor adds a little fun and gentle coaching for participants at each planning phase.

You’ll discover that our visual approaches make strategic planning easier by introducing discussions and decision-making at an outline level on stickies. Quick sketches and simple graphics are good ways to communicate concepts as you prepare for strategy discussions and take notes during planning meetings. This means no thick documents to wade through. And stickies can easily be moved around to show their relative importance or priority, which makes the consensus process significantly easier.

You can literally see your growth strategies as they emerge. Then each process phase and all action plans can be documented by snapping a smartphone picture or screenshot of the final version.

Growth Management River Trip℠ Participant Kits include everything needed to lead a great customer-centered strategic planning process:

  • An orientation, plus five 11” x 17” process maps and graphic worksheets for each participant. They include easy-to-follow instructions which work perfectly for any industry, business or not-for-profit organization. Key questions are outlined for participants to address.

  • Wall-sized graphic templates (for in-person meetings) make consensus easier for the tough decisions being discussed. The same graphic backgrounds are available for virtual meetings.

  • Stickies, markers, pens and a process guide which shows how you can develop a strategic plan during a two-day meeting, with a little preparation.

  • Consulting support is always available to insure your success.



Consensus on Strategy, Implementation on Time.

For Privately-Held Businesses and Startups

Covid-19: Before the pandemic, we had already shortened the time horizon for our strategic planning model to reflect today's fast pace of business and competition. We've shortened it again, to address the pandemic-driven imperatives which most businesses face for developing new business models and restarting a robust flow of revenue.

We guide management teams of  privately-held businesses of all sizes and funded startups to develop or update strategic growth plans using the Growth Management River Trip℠ Process.  It is easily customized for a product, service or SAAS business, for your competitive environment, geographic scope of operations and distribution channels. The plans you develop will have the forward-looking scope of a strategic plan, along with  near-term objectives which lead directly into operating plans and budgets.

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For Not-for-Profit Organizations

The Core Planning Team in a not-for-profit is typically composed of Board members and senior staff. Our clients usually schedule the planning on two or three Saturdays, to accommodate the busy schedules of volunteer Board members. The Growth Management River Trip℠ materials have already been customized for relevance to the not-for-profit world of fundraising, volunteer management and stakeholders who receive services.

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For Publicly-Held Corporations

Our corporate clients are typically the management team of an operating division, those who own the customer relationships. We can support internal training and organizational development professionals who want to lead their teams on a Growth Management River Trip℠ by customizing our training workshop for their industry and geographic scope of operations and licensing our planning materials.

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For Independent Consultants

If you’re a graphic facilitator or an independent consultant who wants to lead a Growth Management River Trip℠ or add that capability to your portfolio of services, attend our “learn by doing” workshop. In a confidential videoconference setting, you’ll actually develop a Growth Management Plan for a real business or not-for-profit of your choice. These workshops can build on your current skills to open a career path leading strategic planning for your clients.

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Our videos offer great stories from our planning adventures, strategy examples and planning process tips. Enjoy!