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Learning to Lead
Strategic Planning

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The Growth Management River Trip℠, Customer-Centered Strategic Planning, Simplified.

This diagram outlines the three phases of a River Trip℠ planning experience, including five core visual processes to develop and implement strategic plans.

Every day brings more uncertainty ~ about the economy, the labor force, energy costs, working remotely, the supply chain, inflation...


It’s now more important than ever before to have a strategic plan that addresses uncertainty head on. It should identify, short term and longer range objectives, and a realistic sequence for implementing new initiatives.


We guide, train and coach senior managers of privately held businesses and not-for-profit organizations to develop, update and implement plans for growth.

There is no better way to learn how to lead strategic planning than taking our comprehensive workshop.

Our experience spans 40+ industries, in all sectors of the economy, supporting hundreds of management teams globally.

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Strategic planning for a growing organization is similar to a whitewater rafting trip: Preparation is essential. Paddlers learn or practice skills they don’t use every day. It takes a team effort to be successful. And it’s always exciting, usually with an element of the unexpected.

Our Value Proposition

Using a fun river-rafting metaphor, with all your key players gathered together (in-person or virtual) and with your critical issues on the table, you'll work as a team to develop or update a growth plan for your organization. This plan will be strategically solid, even if you've never stopped to do a strategic plan before. It will reflect customer and constituent needs and motivations, your current operational priorities and your best opportunities for growth. 

You plan will be concrete, action-oriented, and signed off by every member of the management team. 

And it will get implemented. 

  • The River Trip℠ is easily customized for any not-for-profit organization, for a product or service business, for your funding sources, your competitive environment, geographic scope of operations and distribution channel.

  • The strategic plan which you develop will have the forward-looking scope of a strategic plan, along with near-term objectives which lead directly into operational plans and budgets.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


Our videos offer great stories from our planning adventures, strategy examples and planning process tips. Enjoy!

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