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Using a fun river-rafting metaphor, with all your key players gathered together (in person or virtual) and with your critical issues on the table, you’ll work as a team to develop or update a growth plan for your business. It will be strategically solid, even if you’ve never stopped to do a strategic plan before. It will reflect your customers’ needs and purchase motivations, your current operational priorities and your best opportunities for growing revenue.

Your plan will be concrete, action-oriented, and signed off by every member of the management team. 

And it will get implemented.

  • The River Trip℠ is easily customized for a product or service business, for your competitive environment, geographic scope of operations and distribution channels.

  • The Growth Management Plan which you develop will have the forward-looking scope of a strategic plan, along with near-term objectives which lead directly into operating plans and budgets.


Unlike public corporations with access to investment capital, most privately held businesses fund their own growth through profitability of current products and services.  Strategic planning will bring the management team into consensus on customer opportunities most ripe for investment and growth. Your River Trip℠ planning can also identify potential sources of internal funding, with a realistic sequence for implementing growth programs.


Some not for profits operate like a business, while others are more like traditional charities. In both instances, River Trip℠ planning at a not for profit necessarily looks in two directions at once: the services offered to clients or recipients; and potential funding for those services.


River Trip℠ planning for healthcare services keeps the patient experience at the core of decision-making, while navigating the ever-changing complexities of competition, compliance, payor reimbursement and staffing.


This service continues the Follow Through phase of planning as implementation proceeds.  Our role is to guide implementation teams as they develop or update action plans and make decisions about human, financial and technology resource requirements. We can also guide periodic progress reviews and plan updates.

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